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I am watching Nigella make "turkish delight syllabub" -- sugar, Cointreau, lemon juice, cream, orange flower water, and rose water -- which she dollops into glasses and tops with pistachio nuts. I can't decide if I think it would be absolutely delicious, or terribly gross.

Day 20 - Favorite kiss

Okay, my favorite kiss from any book ever is a very specific kiss from After the Night by Linda Howard. I did some double checking, and this book, like Shades of Twilight, came out when I was fifteen (and was just reprinted in 1997, hence my earlier confusion). After the Night is about a woman who, as a young girl, was run out of town (with her family) by the adult man she had a crush on, who was the son of the man her mother was having an affair with. Years later, she decides she wants to move back to that small town -- which, frankly, is never quite explained to my satisfaction, since she never liked anyone there and they never liked her, but when I was fifteen, I hand-waved it -- and she keeps running into that guy, and, of course, because this is a romance novel, they fall into tragic love that nevertheless gets a very satisfying happily ever after.

Before they fall in love, back when he just wants to nail her, they run into each other in New Orleans and he follows her back to her car and grabs her and kisses her.

I found this very thrilling when I was fifteen -- although, to be honest, if the dude who ran my family out of town when I was a kid grabbed me and kissed me on the street, I would be furious, and probably punch him in the face; I mean, I am pretty hard-pressed to think of anyone who I'd let kiss me in the middle of the street, much less someone who I don't like, who is trying to run me out of town again, you know? But that is why this is a romance novel and not real life, which I keep reminding myself!

Anyway, it is page 137 - 138 (although if you own the book, I bet you know exactly what I am talking about!), and it turns out that she not only accepts his kiss, but passionately kisses him back, and they make out on the street until the thunder knocks them out of their little bubble, and then -- well, then she's furious! And she gets soaking wet from the pouring rain, and says in a rough, low voice, "Don't touch me again."

Oh, it is so hot. Or, rather, it was the hottest kiss I'd ever read when I was fifteen, and it pretty much remains the hottest kiss due to being both hot even now and hot in my memory!

(If it sounds like the kind of book you like to read -- and it is definitely the kind of book I like to read sometimes -- then I recommend buying it. Otherwise, if you "search inside this book" on Amazon, you can read the kiss scene; it's the first result when you search for "thunder."

I should warn you that it's sort of creepy -- although in my opinion that kind of adds to the hotness value, since it's fiction. I have complicated emotional, social, and political ideas about this, honestly, but it boils down to still finding this book really satisfying and hot.)

So that's me. What about you all? Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, link me!

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Yesterday's busy day involved family, shopping, and New Jersey. Oh, and getting a haircut. I went to my mom's hairdresser, who she's been going to for at least fifteen years at this point. I just needed a trim, to get rid of some terrible split ends, but she also thinned my hair and gave me a couple of layers. This is awesome, because it means I can pull my hair back into a ponytail without having to worry about the heaviness of it giving me a headache. Layers and thinning also means that my curls are back! Yay curls! Here's a picture.

Of course, being out all day yesterday and the day before means that I am working all day today and tomorrow! Today's an editing day, and tomorrow's a writing day.

Day 04 - Your favorite book or series ever

Well, my favorite book has been, for a long time, A Paradigm of Earth by Candas Jane Dorsey. (Which is not to say that it is not flawed -- for some people those flaws would be unforgivable, but not me. Not this time.)

There was a very long time when my favorite author was Linda Howard. I had all of her books, and when she started coming out in hardcover, I started buying her in hardcover. Not anymore -- she's not writing the same type of book she was writing then. I loved Now You See Her, and Dream Man, and Kill and Tell, and All the Queen's Men, and After the Night. And who can forget the totally epic Son of the Morning? Not me!

A lot of people make fun of Shades of Twilight -- and, yeah, it's a really ridiculous book on a lot of levels. But I read it when I was seventeen (honestly, I would've sworn it came out much much earlier -- like, 1996 -- but Amazon says September 1997), and it was the first time I'd ever read a book -- much less a book geared toward adults -- in which the protagonist was anorexic. Deep, instant kinship. That was actually the first Linda Howard single title (for you non-romance people, a "single title" in romance is a book that is not published in a Harlequin series -- which refers not to a series of books, but to Harlequin's imprints, like Nocturne, Intrigue, or Superromance) I ever read, and it started my obsession with Linda Howard.

But nowadays? Nowadays I don't even know. I went back and read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder "Little House" books in order, and was a little taken aback by all the racism in them that had gone right over my head as a little kid -- and now I can't even think about them without getting pretty riled up about it. Trying to reread C. S. Lewis or Madeleine L'Engle is a lost cause -- the religious overtones that didn't bother me as a kid irk me quite a bit now. And even though I still love the Kay Scarpetta books -- and L. Frank Baum's Oz books -- they were never my favorites.

I guess I have to go with the Anne books. I have probably read the first four Anne books more than any other books I own. Each. Anne of Green Gables is a total comfort book for me. Anne of Avonlea is hilarious. Anne of the Island is captivating. And Anne of Windy Poplars is another comfort book for me. I've actually read it more than the others -- for a while, I carried it around with me so I could read it whenever I wanted, and then for a long time I kept it in the bathroom.

Laugh if you want, but some people are bathroom readers and some are not! My family has always had mini-libraries in our bathrooms; when I lived in north Brooklyn, I had an actual bookcase in the bathroom, with five shelves all packed full of books. Most of which had been dropped into the bathtub a time or two -- I'd like to see you do that with a Kindle!

The first three Anne books are available at Project Gutenberg, along with a bunch of L.M. Montgomery's other work, although I should probably admit that I have three hardcopies of Anne of Green Gables in my bedroom right now. Two old paperbacks, and one a glossy, beautiful hardcover of The Annotated Anne of Green Gables, which is awesome.

As usual, if you're doing the book meme (or you just want to talk about your favorite book or series!), free to either comment on this entry with your answers, or link to a post you make to your own blog/journal.

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