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Hey, Internet.

It's been a while since I've posted here, because I got out of the habit and then never picked it up again.

Things that happened while I was not posting:

1. My house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The first floor was flooded with almost six feet of water; since the first floor is where my bedroom is, I lost all my stuff except my computer, my phone, and my cats. (You can see some pictures in this Flickr set.) We had to gut the entire downstairs, take off the siding, redo everything -- wiring, plumbing, etc. After a while, to be honest, I kind of tuned out the details. All right, all right, just fix what needs to be fixed.

(Note: The cats are safe and sound and happily being fostered with [ profile] c_katherine's kind family.)

2. I moved in with my younger sister and her husband while the house was being rebuilt. It is still being rebuilt; we are not back in there yet. My sister and her husband live in a pretty neighborhood on Long Island, with both my gym and a Starbucks within walking distance (albeit in opposite directions), so it's not too bad.

3. I got a new tattoo on my left foot and a new tattoo on my arm; both by Rich at Solid Gold in Elmont (highly recommended). I am never getting a tattoo on my elbow again. And I thought my foot was painful? WOW.

4. My friend [personal profile] anatsuno, upon hearing I lost all of my yarn (all of my yarn, sob), bought me new skeins, with which I started knitting the Art Nouveau stole; I am exactly halfway done. (I actually had several friends send me yarn, because my friends are the best, and understand these things.)

5. I finally found a fantastic psychiatrist and a decent therapist. It is unbelievably difficult to do that in NYC, apparently! I continue to maintain that going to a therapist once a week is more difficult than going to the gym three times a week. Brains.

In other news, I am still taking on clients who need their books edited -- you're welcome to email me at if you'd like to discuss hiring me -- and I am still extremely cute.

I don't know if I'm going to go back to posting regularly here right now, but you can always find me at [ profile] annagenoese!
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Announcement #1:
Bad news for anon commenters: I am turning off anonymous commenting everywhere. Not because I have anything against anonymous people, but because dealing with the spam has grown altogether too tedious. Apologies, people who wish to stay anon!

Options for commenting on LiveJournal beside an actual LJ account include OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. I realize those are all associated with "real" identity, but nothing is stopping you from grabbing a pseudonymous Twitter account and posting using that. I continue to not track IP addresses!

(Note, I believe Dreamwidth allows only Dreamwidth accounts and OpenID.)

Announcement #2:
I am on Google+ as Anna Genoese. I believe I am, thus far, the only Anna Genoese over there. Come add me! If we don't actually know each other, a short note to say who you are or what name you comment here under would not go amiss. I've had a few people add me without telling me who they are, and it's pretty confusing.

It's pretty unlikely G+ will take the place of blogging or Twitter for me, but it's nice to have a Facebook-type thing that is not Facebook (which I despise).

Relatedly, if you know me fannishly, I also have a profile for my fannish pseud, and you're welcome to add me to your circles in that way as well.

...I hope everyone's having a decent weekend! I'm pretending it's not 80F outside my apartment and baking bread. Oh, and I am still trying to figure out my xbox. I feel really old and stupid every time I try to use the Kinect and realize that I can't do so wearing a dress -- oh, and figuring out how to play first-person fantasy games? Wow. It took me eight hours to do something my baby sister (who grew up playing this kind of video game) accomplished in an hour. I'm thinking about retreating to Mario, frankly!


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